About Us

More than ten years specialty of Enterprise is pastry – work production. Our Company’s products are produced by using natural supplies which are purchased from Latvian Enterprises and Farms, thereby supporting Latvian economical growth of Enterprises.

On the year of 2005, expanding activities of Enterprise, opening experienced our Coffeehouse where we offer to taste delicious meals, drinks and our produced pastry.

For the second time during the summer we open a steak house which provides an opportunity for people to have a meal, rosted using coal. 


Since 2014. we have started making pizas where the origins of the formulas used in cooking can be found in legendary italian recipe guides/books.

 We offer to serve tables for special events, either these are birthday parties or meetings. Our thankful athmosphere that you open yourself to, helps you to chose a proper solution for the process itself. We offer you a cosy and relatively small hall, which is it possible to fit up to 25 persons into.. Another opportunity is a big hall, up to 40. persons. In each room is supplied with air conditioning devices


In the summer evenings for relaxing off work we offer to have supper with us, to sip some scoop of beer or glass of vine in our summer Garden- house. In fresh air tasted meal tastes twice as good!



Jūrmalas iela 14 c, Pinķi , Babītes pagasts, Babītes novads, LV-2107


e-pasts: info@gardezunamins.lv